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Stamped Concrete Patio Restoration

Client : Residential Homeowner
Info : Stamped Concrete Patio in Discovery Bay, CA

The Problem: Badly Damaged Patio

After years of exposure to the natural California elements near the Sacramento River, this stamped concrete patio in Discovery Bay, CA needed attention. Patriot Stone Restoration was called in by the homeowners to renew and restore their once beautiful 3,800 sq ft stamped concrete patio and walkway.

Our Restoration Process

With a 5-man crew over the course of 3 days. The first part of the project was to strip away all the mineral deposits from the planters run off, dirt, grime and stains that had accumulated on the surface over time. After cleaning, we then needed to renew and restore the surface to a beautiful, rich, new surface color.

Since there was a travertine floor right next to our project, we had to make sure to mask off the floor, so it was not affected by the acid we were using to remove the mineral deposits and other surface contaminants. The cleaning acid was applied and scrubbed with 17-inch nylon heavy duty grit bristle scrubbers.

Once the area was completely clean, we applied 2 coats of Egyptian Sand concrete color stain. This created a warm, golden-brown color in the concrete. After all the work was completed, we left the client with a clean, pristine, newly stained patio and walkway area.

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