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Sink Rod Failure

Client : Residential Homeowner Lafayette CA
Info : Fixing Cracks From Sink Rod Failure

The Problem: Sink Rod Failure Resulting in Broken Countertop

Sink rodding front and rear is a technique in stone countertop fabrication where a channel is cut into the underside of the stone and then a steel rod is placed into the channel and bonded with epoxy resin. Rodding adds support during transportation and installation to reduce the possibility of this vulnerable area from cracking around the sink cutout.

The problem is that over time, as caulking fails and or fixtures develop water leaks, moisture will begin to saturate the stone then through the epoxy reaching the steel rod causing the rod to rust. Once moisture reaches the steel rod the rust and corrosion begins to expand. It then starts with a hair line crack hardly noticeable across the front arm section of the sink or across the rear, underneath the fixtures or behind. But by that time its too late as you’re looking at the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Significant damage has already set in underneath. Patriot Stone Restoration, as you can see, has unparalleled success in transforming sink rod failure cracks into a permanent guaranteed camouflaged repair, never to crack again. Once we remove the cause of the problem, “the Steel Rod”, it will never crack again.

Our Process

Most rod failure projects,”WE DO” are done from underneath. This process helps to keep the stone intact as much as possible which in turn completely eliminate a top surface break out to remove the rod which ends in numerous broken pieces which can cause a visual unsightly mess. BUT not always the case as you can see in this repair because of the epoxy color matching skills our techs have developed. Unfortunately, this homeowner waited until the damage and cracking was so severe that we had to deal with more broken pieces than usual.

Once all the pieces were collected, we grind them clean and bonded them back together, making sure they are  flat, level, and flush. This reduces surface refinishing time and also minimizes the amount of color matching epoxy needed to restore the stone.

The rod is removed and the channel ground out to remove all the rust and corrosion. We then then fill with acrylic which then hardened, giving support to the countertop and the repair. Since rods are used for protection during transportation and installation, there is no need for replacement. It has already served its purpose of protecting the Instaler from cracking and replacement.

Color Matching is the Key

Typically, we’ll make 5 to 10 different shades of colors from scratch using the clear epoxy and color pigments to camouflage the repairs to hide the previously cracked in re-bonded areas. We want the repaired area to blend in as much as possible with the original stone color and pattern.

When cured, we refinish to new with a guarantee that the repair will never crack again.

A Tip From Patriot Stone Restoration:

If you see your countertop beginning to crack, contact us right away. That small crack that you think isn’t much is just the tip of the iceberg. There is usually a lot more going on underneath.

Our professional technicians have had exceptional success in the repair and restoration of natural stone countertops.  CONTACT US online or call us today for a consultation on marble and natural stone renewal and restoration in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and surrounding areas.  925-625-9625