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Marble Floor Gets Glossy Finish

Client : Homeowners in Brentwood, CA
Info : Marble hone, polish, and seal

Problem: A New Finish Was Needed

Brentwood, CA homeowners wanted to change the finish of their marble from honed to polished, first and foremost, because they wanted to give the floor a brand new look without the expense of replacing the stone, but also because the honed marble had become etched, scratched, and worn with time and use.


We used 400 grit diamond pads to hone away the etching, scratches, and other damage on the surface of the marble and to prepare it for polishing.

Then we polished a portion of the marble to a beautiful, glass-like shine, as you can see in the SAMPLE image, to be sure this was the finish the homeowners wanted. They enthusiastically approved, so we continued to polish the entire floor using progressively finer diamond grit pads to achieve a beautiful, glossy finish. We also applied an impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

As you can see in the AFTER images, this marble floor is completely restored and has a brand new finish. To learn more about marble refinishing, visit our Natural Stone Services page.

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