Concrete Entrance Gets Facelift

  • Concrete Restoration
    The entrance was looking very worn and unimpressive when we arrived on the job site.
  • Concrete Restoration
    Here you can see how rough the aggregate finish is.
  • Concrete Restoration
    Here is the concrete ground level and flat. We gave the concrete entrance a facelift.
  • Concrete Restoration
    Here is another close up of the exposed concrete aggregates.
  • Concrete Restoration
    Here we are applying the clear lacquer with a slip resistant additive.
  • Concrete Restoration
    As you can see, our concrete restoration work made a dramatic difference in the visual appeal of this entrance.

Dull, Worn Concrete

The entrance to this Alamo office building was creating a negative first impression for guests and patrons, because the concrete floor was worn and colorless. Having been exposed to the elements for years, the concrete was rough and uneven.

Our Concrete Restoration Process

First, we ground the concrete to flatten and level it, creating a smooth surface. Then, we applied a clear lacquer coating to enhance the color of the concrete and provide slip resistance for the safety of all who entered, especially during wet weather.

The property manager was thrilled with the outcome.

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