Carpet-Covered Concrete Polished

  • Concrete Polishing
    You can see the thick layer of carpet glue on the concrete.
  • Concrete Polishing
    Here is another image of the carpet glue stuck to the concrete floor.
  • Concrete Polishing
    The floor was in very poor condition before our concrete services.
  • Concrete Restoration
    The carpet tacks caused some damage to the concrete slab. We patched this during our concrete restoration process.
  • Concrete Polishing
    We gave this concrete floor a brand new look.
  • Concrete Polishing
    Before we completed the polish we tinted the concrete with a blue stain.
  • Concrete Polishing
    Notice the beautiful shine and clarity of the concrete finish.
  • Concrete Polishing
    The exposed aggregates in this polished concrete are reminiscent of a terrazzo floor.

Carpet Removal Exposes Unsightly, Damaged Concrete

Alamo homeowners called us after removing their carpet to ask whether they could avoid replacing the flooring and instead have us repair and refinish their concrete. After consulting with them we assured them that our professional concrete services would produce the results they wanted.

Our Concrete Repair and Restoration Process

First, we scraped away the excess carpet glue and then used a floor machine to grind away the remaining glue and flatten the floor. We repaired any damaged areas using tinted filler material. Then, we honed and polished the floor to achieve the like-new appearance you see in the AFTER images.

The homeowners were very happy with the results and relieved that we were able to give them a sustainable, long-lasting solution for their flooring.

To learn more about concrete repair, grinding, honing, polishing, sealing and other concrete restoration services, visit our Concrete Services page.

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