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Antique Marble Furniture Top Repaired

Client : Moving Company, Napa CA
Info : Broken Dresser Top

The Problem: Antique Dresser Top Broken

This antique Emperador Dark marble dresser top with ogee edge was accidentally broken by a moving company while assisting a family to relocate. The moving company brought us the six separate pieces and asked if we could reassemble it and glue it back together.

Our Process

First, we removed the fiberglass mesh fabric on the back of all the pieces. Fiberglass mesh is put on the back of more fragile stone slabs to help strengthen it against cracking from light impact. Once the fiberglass was removed, we ground the backside clean of any residue, bonding agents, and resin.

We laid all the pieces face down on a level surface and began putting all the pieces back together like a jigsaw puzzle. After we had all the pieces placed, we bonded all the pieces together with matching color acrylic, making sure that everything was level and flat. Then ratchet straps were applied to force all the pieces together, making sure there were no voids, while the bonding agent dried.

When it was all dry, we flipped the piece over and began working on the top. We filled any cracks and voids on the top with the matching custom color acrylic and waited for it to dry. After drying, we removed all the excess acrylic. We then diamond polished the piece to a high shine, starting with 100 grit pads and working our way up to 1500 grit pads. Once we achieved the high polish sine, we cleaned and sealed the top.

Altogether, including drying time, the whole process took about 16 hours to restore and renew this 12 sq ft dresser top. The moving company was thrilled with our work, and the homeowner was happy to get their piece back in such great condition.

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