Concrete Grinding and Polishing

  • concrete-patio
    Concrete Patio Before
  • dirty-concrete
    Dirty Concrete
  • rough-concrete
    Rough Concrete
  • ugly-concrete
  • concrete-grinding
  • concrete-honing
  • partially-restored-concrete
  • concrete-with-wood-inlays
  • polished-concrete
  • concrete-restored
  • concrete-with-walnut-inlays


Not only was this concrete floor an ugly gray color, but the texture of the surface was extremely rough, as you can see in the BEFORE images. With this Oakland porch serving as a children's play area, our clients were worried about toe-stubbing and trip-and-fall accidents. They wanted to see a marked improvement in the appearance, as well, since the space doubled as an entertaining area.


The first thing we did after masking and protecting the walls and surrounding areas was to use our high-powered floor machine fitted with aggressive diamond encrusted pads to grind the floor completely flat. Then we honed the concrete nice and smooth in preparation for the final cleaning and polish. (See DURING image.)

After a thorough cleaning and polishing, we sealed the floor to inhibit staining. Notice in the AFTER image how our concrete restoration exposed the aggregates, that is, small stones in the concrete, and our honing and polishing processes (very much like sanding) enhanced the walnut inlays to give this concrete floor a surprisingly elegant appearance.

Our clients were stunned at the obvious difference our concrete grinding, honing, and polishing services made. To learn more about concrete polishing and restoration, visit our Concrete Services page.

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